Twinning RWYC and Asia India Chapter

Ms. Aditi Misra – President RWYC Asia India Chapter

Education plays a key role in the transmission of culture; culture is the touchstone of social change and values of the society. Therefore, both have to be interwoven with ingenuity. ‘Reconnecting with your Culture’ (RWYC) is an initiative by Global Director Prof. Olimpia Niglio and promoted by the EdA Esempi di Architettura (Italia), UNESCO, University and Heritage, that came into being in the year 2020. The project pursues ‘Quality Education’ objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda, encouraging collaboration between schools, local artists, musicians and exploring indigenous sports, allowing students to gain quality and inclusive  education.

We, at DPS Gurgaon, envision the concept of holistic education for the students intertwined with the cultural values of the country and interspersed with appreciation of the diversity, innate in the world. Thus, the curriculum at DPS Gurgaon, with the pedagogical methods of RWYC, aims to bring young generations closer to local cultures, strengthen local identities and build a strong awareness of their cultural heritage (tangible and intangible or living heritage) through culture-based training.

Ms. Aditi Misra-President RWYC Asia India Chapter

This collaboration has resulted in the RWYC, Asia India, Chapter, under the guidance of Ms. Aditi Misra, Director Principal, DPS Gurgaon. Under her leadership as the President of RWYC Asia India Chapter, the school has collaborated with 12 likeminded schools pan India who have embarked on this journey, sharing their pride and love for their culture across the globe. As the President of RWYC, Asia India, Ms. Aditi Misra addressed the virtual International Festival of History organized by the University of Bologna, Italy. She was also one of the eminent speakers at the first virtual International RWYC Conference, organized in Indonesia, in 2021. In the month of February, 2022, Ms. Misra, addressed another RWYC conference, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Under her leadership this collaboration will support intergenerational and intercultural dialogue amongst different cities thereby, encouraging young adults to appreciate the diversity of cultures.


  1. Dharav High School, Jaipur
  2. Delhi Public School, Sector 45, Gurgaon ( Host School)
  3. Navrachana Higher Secondary School, Sama, Vadodara
  4. Pallavi Model School, Alwal, Hyderabad,
  5. Pathbhavan, Srotoshwini Trust, Vadodara
  6. The Doon Global School, Dehradun
  7. The Assam Valley School, Assam
  8. The New Town School, Kolkata
  9. Shiksha Kendra, DPS, Gurgaon
  10. Suncity School,37D, Gurugram
  11. Vidya School, Gurugram
  12. WH Smith Memorial School, Varanasi South

Inception of the Asia India Chapter of RWYC has seen the collaboration of four projects with schools in India


Collaborative song video- Vaishnav Jan To, a  hymn was the first cultural collaboration in the month of September, 2021. The video was released on 2nd October 2021, on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation. This collaboration helped us reconnect with our core values of nonviolence, truth, equality, respect for each other and striving for a peaceful world.



Collaborative dance- Garba video: A folk dance from the state of Gujarat, India, performed  during the Navratri festival held in the month of November. The dancers from the different schools performed Garba on melodious music wearing the traditional attire in the colours of the rainbow hues in, November 2021.



Collaborative heritage visual art video: The theme for this   project was Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat, that aimed to highlight the diversity in India. The alternate theme was Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, an initiative to commemorate the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.This project saw an eclectic mix of varied Indian folk style of paintings, such as Madhubani, Warli, Kalamkari, Gond to name a few in January 2022.



Collaborative Project- Home remedies: Granny’s home remedies are a treasure trove of effective alternative treatments for nearly every minor ailment. This journey was an exploration of the age old home remedies from across regions of India. This project was for the month of March 2022.


India’s diverse culture is a priceless treasure. Its existence needs to be valued and preserved for decades to come. The RWYC, Asia India, collaboration will strive to bring young generations closer to the local cultures, inculcate appreciation for local tradition and cultural heritage  through collaborations such as these.   

Collaborative projects of DPS Gurgaon, India with RWYC:

AMBASSADOR OF CULTURE: Research was carried out by the students on lost heritage sites in Gurgaon and Delhi. Paintings were created. The research included the integration of academic subjects like Geography, Mathematics, History, Art, Language, Science and Environmental studies. The learning was holistic.

PANCHATANTRA-Fables of India – Students of Junior School worked on a series of animal       fables from ancient India. These stories with morals are an excellent way for students to stay engaged and reconnect with the country’s rich culture.

TOKYO | BOGOTA (2021-2022)

International Exhibition -“ANGELS DRAWING A PICTURE” Drawings from the world – 100    students from Primary, Junior and Middle school participated in the event (8 to 13years old). Children made paintings on the wonders of India. This mobile exhibition showcased exhibits in the various cities of Japan. This engagement helped the young artists  understand their cultural heritage and showcased their artistic potentials.


Four students from Primary, Junior, Middle and Senior sections of the school participated in the above collaboration. The paintings were based on the uniqueness of India’s cultural diversity and identity.


  • INTACH – Indian National trust for Art & Cultural Heritage and
  • SPIC MACAY Society for the promotion of Indian classical music and culture amongst youth

Talk on Mural paintings of India and Folk-Art Workshop on Tribal Gond Painting (folk painting) were conducted.

We at DPS Gurgaon, expose our students to a wide variety of cultural activities through clubs, excursions, talks, visits and hands-on activities. As responsive educators we understand that building upon culture and heritage not only benefits young learners academic progress but also empower them as individuals. Children grow up to be more independent and active citizens when they learn in a conducive environment, where they understand and value their own culture. They learn to reflect, respect and appreciate the vast and diverse cultures across the globe.

Lead School

Asia India Chapter

Delhi Public School, Sector-45, Gurgaon, India